Listening (or lack there of) to Non Fiction Books
Monday October 29th 2012, 3:19 am
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My students love to listen to reading!  They love to listen to teachers read out loud, their peers read books or things they’ve written, books on tape/cd, and ebooks on the computer.  I think they would sit and listen to reading all day long if I let them.  I try to give my students as many opportunities throughout the week to listen to reading as possible.  We read at least three books out loud every day and most of my students choose to read to a partner as one of their choices during Reader’s Workshop each day.  I have a great collection of books on tape and cd that they can listen to in Listening center and we have access to wonderful online resources like Tumble Books and RAZ-Kids on the computers. 

I believe my students get a lot of out listening to all types of reading.  It helps them become more fluent readers, build comprehension, and expand their vocabulary.  As much as I love that my students have fun and learn while listen to reading, I’ve recently observed that the majority of the books available on tape, cd, or on the computer are fiction stories.  As we are trying to help our students become better at reading and understanding non fiction texts, I think it is important that they have access to listening to non fiction books as well as fiction.  But where do I find them?

I’ve found some ebooks that are non fiction/informational texts, but have had no luck in finding books on cds.  I have an idea to help combat this issue.  I think it would be great to have my first graders record their own voices reading non fiction texts that they can share with their classmates.  I believe this is going to take a lot of modeling and practicing reading non fiction texts with fluency, but I think this will be a way to motivate my students to work on their non fiction reading.  Knowing that their voices will be recorded and shared with others is exciting to first graders and I am just as excited about the potential of this project. 

Any other ideas about finding or creating non fiction listening books?

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I have found the same problem in the selection of texts that are read aloud on tape/cd and the computer. When conducting a read aloud to my students, I am trying to find more informational texts due to the vast resources available for those independent listening times that the students can engage in. I have found that there is a specific section on tumblebooks that read non-fiction books aloud to students. Your students can access this through the computer.

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